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I'm almost done with my Barbara Novak dress!

For my Photoshop class, we have to do a movie poster for our final project. We're presenting on my birthday, so I thought it would be fun to dress to match my movie. I searched and searched for ideas until I realized my favorite one was right on the cover of the case, and I had a pattern already that I could alter.

Barbara Novak pose. Excuse the blah hair and no makeup.

I made darts! Holy crap, I made darts. The blue dots are markings that wash away. I think next time I mark something, though, I'm going to do a little x-marks the spot that I learned on

I still have to finish the bottom and get a slip to go under it, but I'm so excited, I'm tearing up.

EDIT: This is the poster
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I saw a really cute Rainbow Brite bag on Craftster and started thinking how fun it would be to make a RB costume if I'm going to Beaux Arts this year. And then I realized it would be a little time-consuming for such a short event. And it's a little ridiculous for cold Halloween weather.
So I got out my crayons and started planning out a Rainbow Brite zip-up sweater made from a turtle neck and t-shirts. That's when I got started on other old cartoons and drawing outfits based on those.

I love how well these are coming out. I can't wait to make them. Line details are a bitch, though.
1UP! (Mario): This is my favorite so far. I need to learn how to fit my t-shirts better. Thank God for free shirt patterns.

Jane, his Wife (Jane Jetson): This one's a little wacky, but I'm curious how it would work with a hood or collar from a man's shirt in place of the huge triangle.

I have Rainbow Brite, Strawberry Shortcake, and Birthday Bear (Carebears) in progress. I should probably do the last one for my birthday coming up, although since I have to present a Down With Love poster for my Photoshop final, I might want to dress up like Barbara Novack.


what to do...

P.S. I finished the body of the Bug Doll

"Hooray!" she says.
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I'm terribly behind on my posting. So there's a lot to catch up on...

Right now I'm working on The Bug Doll... aka an amigurumi of me to give to Daniel. There will be one of him made too. There will most likely be magnets in the hands so that they can touch.

Of course she needs arms first.

I finally made a garment from a pattern. I LOVE fitz patterns!!! They're cute, and most of the time free. I didn't feel like going to kinkos to print it out, so I printed out lots of pages and taped them together. Sadly, when I got the back of the shorts put together for Large, I thought it was way too huge for me.
I was wrong. Now I have shorts that don't fit... BUT I MADE SHORTS! haha. Maybe if I lose 30 pounds, I could fit into them.

On my way back from Winston 2 weeks ago, I experimented with an idea for fingerless mitts. I hate doing gussets, so when I got to the beginning of where the gusset would be, I pretended I was working flat, purling and knitting back and forth around until I had a hole big enough, and then I joined them. This picture doesn't show it, but I wove a chain of crochet around the wrist to make them fit tighter.
Anyway, I found out I LOVE working with 8mm dpns.

And lastly, my Easter Egg top:

It's made from a jersey-knit sheet based on a tutorial for a skirt. I added some bra straps to keep it up. it's a little unfited, but I don't mind. It's soft and flowy and not bad for a first try.

Next? I'm trying to make a jumper dress, but it's giving me trouble. I think I should try cutting out my pieces on a flat surface rather than carpet.
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