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I saw a really cute Rainbow Brite bag on Craftster and started thinking how fun it would be to make a RB costume if I'm going to Beaux Arts this year. And then I realized it would be a little time-consuming for such a short event. And it's a little ridiculous for cold Halloween weather.
So I got out my crayons and started planning out a Rainbow Brite zip-up sweater made from a turtle neck and t-shirts. That's when I got started on other old cartoons and drawing outfits based on those.

I love how well these are coming out. I can't wait to make them. Line details are a bitch, though.
1UP! (Mario): This is my favorite so far. I need to learn how to fit my t-shirts better. Thank God for free shirt patterns.

Jane, his Wife (Jane Jetson): This one's a little wacky, but I'm curious how it would work with a hood or collar from a man's shirt in place of the huge triangle.

I have Rainbow Brite, Strawberry Shortcake, and Birthday Bear (Carebears) in progress. I should probably do the last one for my birthday coming up, although since I have to present a Down With Love poster for my Photoshop final, I might want to dress up like Barbara Novack.


what to do...

P.S. I finished the body of the Bug Doll

"Hooray!" she says.
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