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  Cinnamon Tea
Last night before my first Stitch 'n Bitch knit-up, Linda and I ate at Davis Kidd's bistro. Being the G.R.I.T.S. girl that I am, I asked for sweet tea, only to find that they offered unsweet or "fruit tea". The fruit tea looked like orange juice but tasted like fruity herbal tea that I used to get when I worked at my dad's office. That reminded me of my favorite Bigelow teas, especially Cinnamon Stick.

Today on my excursion to Dollar Tree and Hobby Lobby, I picked up a small tea pitcher, and my dad brought home some cinnamon tea bags. I realized that using all cinnamon tea bags would make it overwhelming, so I added some regular black tea bags. As I write now, I'm enjoying a wonderful glass of yummy cinnamon iced tea.

  The Re-conned Gala Ball Dress
In 10th grade, my high school band took a trip to New Orleans for the 2000 Sugar Bowl. On our itenerary was an event called the Gala Ball. My mom and I went in search of the dress. We found a cute little slip dress that glittered from every angle. Perfect for the new millenium, perfect for the event, perfect for me. I wore it again for my senior pictures photo shoot and again for my sophomore college band banquet. It was really too short that last night I wore it.

The photoshoot

I decided to bid farewell to this beauty as a dress and let it reincarnate as a hot shirt to wear out again :)

  Kitty Poncho
On one of my first yarn-buying expeditions, I got a small skein of Wal-mart No Boundaries novelty yarn. I knit up the whole skein, and it wasn't even long enough to fit around my neck. I tossed it into my stash, planning on making a headband or something from it.

It wouldn't fit around poor Missy's head...

From what I learned on Knitty Gritty, I made a poncho! Pumpkin gave me the inspiration, but he's not a fan of the color. He wants something made from white Fancy Fur.

This was obviously Shelli's scarf.

The "artsy" shot. This is definitely going on Catster.
After looking at my tote bag, Beth seemed interested in having one like it, so I took her to Hancock today to pick out material. (I also got some new material for myself, satin cord, and new scissors that actually cut!) The lining of it was a bitch to work with, since it kept sliding about and didn't want to cling to the cotton.

Nevertheless, I finished it!

I experimented with an interior pocket. Not as big as I hoped it would be, but hopefully she'll make use of it.

Afterwards, I had to make a wallety-pouch thing:

  Under my Umbrella - Work in Progress

So I went into my room and made an inventory of all the clothes I have for the chopping. I have a large Beatles shirt with an umbrella photo of the 4. I also have a tube top that was never big enough to actually wear. It barely reaches the top of my tummy. I saw this shirt on Delias and got the idea to make it wearable in public (besides when I feel like a bum).

So far, I've cut it up the middle, measured everything, pinned down where I need to hem the shirt pieces, I layed them out on the tube top that will now cover my stomach, pinned it all up in place.

I'm pleased to find out that Hancock Fabrics now has a wishlist feature! I need to fill it all up with stuff. Squee!

So here's what I have (digitally), and mind you that the umbrellas on my shirt are pastel and go perfect with the pink.
I picked up some invisible thread today and pink too. It should be perfect :) I might add some wide ribbon across the border.

Anyway, that's it for now. I'm going out to Tunica tonight! Yay casinos!
  First T-Shirt Surgery!
I started with a black tee and an old shrunken Superman tank top, added sequins and boom!

Detail of the sequins

Pictures courtesy of The Danny
  The Sewing Machine
May 22nd, I picked up Knitting for Dummies on a whim along with some yarn and needles. I started small, pulling my hair out and starting over and over and over again.

It seems so long ago. My first completed project was this:
A drawstring bag that was originally meant to hold a cell phone, but it was far too stretchy for my little phone, so it eventually turned into a catnip holder. I stitched up a few more catnip toys for my cats and my dad's gf Linda's cat Rosey. I delved into the archives and bookmarked every "mellow" pattern listed, skipping over the in-the-round projects and striping projects (so far my biggest threats as a novice knitter) and diving into other ones. I was very happy with my turnout of the finger "puppers" I tried. I made a multi-colored pig and a fuzzy tiger and was pretty much done for.

Next was a bonnet thingy and the bracelet, and finally started on a real scarf; one that's long enough to wear.

Linda bought the book Stitch n Bitch for me, and around the same time, I discovered DIY's Knitty Gritty. In S n B, there were two projects in the back for making a rolling needle case and a tote bag. With no sewing machine, I braved the needle case project, hand-sewing the entire thing. It was incredibly impressive, I must say, to put all that work into something and see it come out spectacular. I almost cried.

The next evening, I was sitting in the middle of the living room floor, resolving to sew the tote bag by hand as well. My dad and Linda came in to pick me up for dinner, and my dad set down in front of me a brand new Singer sewing machine :D I literally jumped in glee. The evening got even better when my 13 pairs of bamboo needles and 4 sets of sock needles were delivered in the mailbox.

Last night, I finished the tote bag, turned out a brand new needle case for my DPNs and started on a t-shirt reconstruction from scraps. It's a surprise for Danny, so I can't say what it is yet, but I'm already very excited about finishing it :)

Stay tuned for more creations!
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