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  New Layout
I'm in the middle of redoing the layout on here, because I realized that my extreme lack in updating was due to a boring layout and not so much flexibility in comments. Blah.
When I get home, I'll post the picture of my atrociously citrus seashell crochet cap, because the picture I have now is embarassing.

Christmas WIP's:
Knit-your-own rockstar from SnB Nation modified to duplicate very rad guy
Socks for the educator that encourages me constantly
Scarf to match awesome shirt
Crocheted creatures
Fit-to-be-tied from Happy Hooker for my purple-loving friends
modified candy project

And for myself? a fit-to-be-tied in denim blue...

Did I mention I've doubled my yarn stash in the past week?
My dive into knitting, sewing, cooking, and who knows what else...

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