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  Under my Umbrella - Work in Progress

So I went into my room and made an inventory of all the clothes I have for the chopping. I have a large Beatles shirt with an umbrella photo of the 4. I also have a tube top that was never big enough to actually wear. It barely reaches the top of my tummy. I saw this shirt on Delias and got the idea to make it wearable in public (besides when I feel like a bum).

So far, I've cut it up the middle, measured everything, pinned down where I need to hem the shirt pieces, I layed them out on the tube top that will now cover my stomach, pinned it all up in place.

I'm pleased to find out that Hancock Fabrics now has a wishlist feature! I need to fill it all up with stuff. Squee!

So here's what I have (digitally), and mind you that the umbrellas on my shirt are pastel and go perfect with the pink.
I picked up some invisible thread today and pink too. It should be perfect :) I might add some wide ribbon across the border.

Anyway, that's it for now. I'm going out to Tunica tonight! Yay casinos!
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