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I'm terribly behind on my posting. So there's a lot to catch up on...

Right now I'm working on The Bug Doll... aka an amigurumi of me to give to Daniel. There will be one of him made too. There will most likely be magnets in the hands so that they can touch.

Of course she needs arms first.

I finally made a garment from a pattern. I LOVE fitz patterns!!! They're cute, and most of the time free. I didn't feel like going to kinkos to print it out, so I printed out lots of pages and taped them together. Sadly, when I got the back of the shorts put together for Large, I thought it was way too huge for me.
I was wrong. Now I have shorts that don't fit... BUT I MADE SHORTS! haha. Maybe if I lose 30 pounds, I could fit into them.

On my way back from Winston 2 weeks ago, I experimented with an idea for fingerless mitts. I hate doing gussets, so when I got to the beginning of where the gusset would be, I pretended I was working flat, purling and knitting back and forth around until I had a hole big enough, and then I joined them. This picture doesn't show it, but I wove a chain of crochet around the wrist to make them fit tighter.
Anyway, I found out I LOVE working with 8mm dpns.

And lastly, my Easter Egg top:

It's made from a jersey-knit sheet based on a tutorial for a skirt. I added some bra straps to keep it up. it's a little unfited, but I don't mind. It's soft and flowy and not bad for a first try.

Next? I'm trying to make a jumper dress, but it's giving me trouble. I think I should try cutting out my pieces on a flat surface rather than carpet.
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