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  Kitty Sling!
I'm totally in love with those baby slings that people are carrying now. They're so much better than the carriers that hurt the parents' back. I'd love to send one to my aunt in Germany that just had her baby. But they usually cost $50 0r more, and I'm having enough trouble finding the funds to knit up a Katja for little Susanne.

And then there's my baby, Pumpkin. He's a Ragamuffin cat that loves to follow me around the house and loves to be held. When I was younger, I used to carry him around the house in an extra bookbag. I wanted a sling just for him, but again, they're too expensive.

I have a sewing machine! I have a computer! I have internet!
I found a simple tutorial:

Voila, my kitty sling:

I love how his body rests right on my tummy :)

Sleepy face

What are you doin Ma? Stop playing with that silly flash box!

Floppy cat!
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